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EFT Mentor

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One-to-one mentoring sessions
run online to overcome limiting beliefs, restore emotional balance and develop confidence.

 EFT is like acupuncture but without the needles! 

In this unique approach, Jo combines traditional mentoring and coaching with Emotional Freedom Technique / Tapping. 

Jo is proud to be an accredited practitioner with

the EFT & Mindfulness Centre. 

"EFT is a wonderful technique to support your creative confidence and self belief". 


EFT is ideal, if you would like to:

- improve your wellbeing

- release negative emotions / memories

 - deal with issues or past trauma that are holding you back

- prepare for a big event 

(a speech, exam, interview etc.) 

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EFT Photo 1.jpeg

Options for everyone:

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A toutes les étapes de carrière

À la recherche d'un équilibre travail-vie personnelle

Préparation à la promotion

Aborder les défis avec positivité et intégrité

PGCE students / Early career

Entering a new school

Behaviour management

Effective planning


Preparing for presentations

Overcoming exam stress

Dealing with procrastination

Applying for university

Approaching interviews

Increasing confidence

Educational Leaders

Heads of Department

Heads of Year

Newly appointed leaders

Senior Management 


Preparing for a significant presentation or performance.

This might be anything from a speech at a wedding to a professional pitch. 


Supporting you whilst you support your children

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“An invaluable mentor. Jo’s guidance and support were instrumental in helping me navigate the complexities of leading a music department in a high profile international school, from managing a team and navigating senior meetings to controlling budgets and communicating with students and parents. With her years of experience as a Performing Arts educator, Jo was able to offer insights and advice that I would not have been able to access otherwise. She was patient, kind and always willing to answer my questions or listen to my concerns. I am incredibly grateful for the time I spent learning from her and know that her influence will continue to shape my career for years to come.”

Martin Barraclough, Director of Music


Contactez-nous pour plus d'informations sur l'EFT et / ou les demandes de mentorat.

Merci d'avoir soumis !

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