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After 20 years of teaching and promoting transferable skills,

Jo has embarked upon an exciting new chapter, building upon her teaching, leadership and research experience. Teaching Drama has taken her to diverse and exciting places.  Prior to 8 years in Abu Dhabi, she spent 2 years in Bahrain (where she met her husband) and had 6 very happy years in bustling Kuala Lumpur enjoying travels through the Far East and time with the Chinese Malaysian side of her family. By contrast, her first 4 years of teaching were at a beautiful boarding school in North Yorkshire with the comedy name of Giggleswick.


     Jo is passionate about what Performing Arts offers, the power of a creative curriculum and collaborative opportunities. Jo is passionate about everyone building creative confidence.


An award winning creative practitioner

a teacher & researcher

an EFT Tapping mentor

a champion of Performing Arts

a producer, director, facilitator.


Helping build confidence

enabling creative risks

inviting response rather than imposing opinions

Seeking collaboration 

The Queen of Drama … not a Drama Queen!

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