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A-level Drama


A-level Drama is an amazing opportunity for students to extend their creative thinking and work collaboratively. I have always particularly enjoyed the increased opportunity for independent work in the Unit 3 devised project (Edexcel 2006-12 & AQA 2020-22). This has created the most wonderful performances. Dramatic pieces have emanated from texts, issues and history.


2020-22: Third Culture Kids - exploring life as expats on the point of going to university. 

2012: Skin Deep - questioning how far we go to be considered beautiful.


2012: Artificial Harmony - exploring issues of surveillance within a dystopian society. Inspired by '1984'.


2012: Locked Within – inspired by the influences and impacts of Cults


2011: All From One – a piece about DID (dissociative identity disorder or multiple personalities).


2010: Fragments – exploring memory


2010: Unburied; Unwept - a promenade theatre piece, inspired by the play 'Antigone'


2009: On Love – questioned how far people would go for love.


2008: Keeping Things White – inspired by the life of Marylyn Monroe 


2007: Boleh. Boleh! Boleh? – an exploration of Malaysian History as the country celebrated 50 years of independence.


2006: Long Uneven Lines – a devised piece about how life passes by too quickly.


These photos give a glimpse of the final performances of the Unit 3 coursework performances for Edexcel. The diversity and range of these projects never ceases to captivate the imagination

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